Transgender Female Seeking LTR

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  • Име Jamie Lynn
  • Мој опис Hello guys...I am a 41 year old transgender female seeking a serious relationship...I am not I repeat NOT looking for casual encounters...I am employed full time and go to school so I have my own money and car and am looking for a guy who has his....I am not looking for someone down low in the closet, I am open about who I am and expect to be treated as a lady and not a secret...I stand 6'3 without heels but I wear heels all the time so be ok with a taller girl....I like to go dancing, to movies, vacations or stay home with a movie....I love to kiss and cuddle....I am very outgoing and active in my community through church, volunteer activities and with the local Democrat Party....I am an activist in social and racial injustice issues.....I am passionate about prison reform, BLM, and LGBTQIA+ equality....So basically i am active in the community at all levels and someone would have to be ok with that...I also say whats on my mind so please dont get intimidated by that
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